Introducing Redfinger in Cross Gate: A Look into the New World

by Gabriela

The Archer class in Cross Gate: New World stands out due to its incredible range capabilities, having the power to deal substantial AoE destruction. Not only does it prove its worth when aiming for single targets, but it also has the capacity to take down multiple adversaries at once. Even though it does not possess any strength of its own, the Archer is still able to stay safe in battle thanks to its abilities and its attribute-based avoidance. This allows it to continually unleash its damage, making it a formidable force in combat.

The Archer is an ideal class for those looking for a ranged combatant that can cause significant physical damage from a distance. Not only does the Archer wield the bow as their primary weapon, but they also possess the unique ability to attack opponents located in the back row. If you’re in search of a powerful class that specializes in high-output physical AoE attacks, the Archer should be your go-to choice.

A thorough evaluation of the talents of an archer is what Skill Analysis of Archer entails.

The AoE skill Rain of Arrows can be used to devastating effect against multiple foes by launching a barrage of arrows in a random pattern, dealing damage multiple times. However, if the same target is continually hit, the impact of the skill will begin to decrease. In a confrontation with a large number of enemies, this is the ideal skill to use.

Sunfire: Instead of an AoE attack, this skill is aimed at a single enemy. When used, the Archer can launch a concentrated strike on a single target, reducing the opponent’s defense and increasing the Archer’s evasion in the process. This ability is especially helpful in restraining foes and creatures with low agility, making it a useful tool in combat.

This particular aptitude is one that provides healing, designed to replenish HP. Players have the autonomy to use the skill as they see fit, based on the amount of HP they currently possess.

Toxic Strike: This ability provides a powerful way for the Archer to damage a single enemy while also afflicting them with a poisoning effect that lasts for five turns. It is best to use it early in a fight, targeting the primary damage dealer of the opposition. In this way, the Archer can disrupt their enemy’s offensive and increase their own damage output.

Points of Talent for Archers to Consider:

Archers have particular skills that can be honed to their advantage. These points of talent should be taken into consideration in order to maximize their potential. Attention should be paid to the strength of the bow, the accuracy of the arrows, as well as the experience of the archer. Additionally, the archer’s posture, breathing technique, and physical strength should all be considered in developing the best performance.

The Archer is a physical backline force to be reckoned with, able to inflict devastating damage. Keeping an Archer on the team can lead to dire outcomes for anyone who underestimates their power. As the game progresses, Archers can make use of moves such as “Scatter Shot” to mess with their adversaries’ aim. To make the enemy’s life even more difficult, it is critical to make wise decisions when investing in skill points.

Archers have three primary options for allocating skill points. Concentrating on self-preservation as an Archer necessitates allocating 2 points to Stamina and 2 points to Strength, to boost their combat endurance. Agility can be augmented through equipment while more health will help them in individual boss fights.

A balanced approach for Archers is to assign 1 point to Stamina, 1 to Agility, and 2 to Strength. This will help with attack power and wellbeing. As attack power is essential for an Archer, Strength should be prioritized. By devoting points to Stamina and Agility, speed can remain competitive and enough vitality can be maintained to guard against any missteps. This is the more conventional and proposed allocation for leveling, providing a blend of survivability, damage output, and a larger health pool to avoid any slip-ups while progressing.

Strength and Agility should be the focus for players who prioritize PvP, with two points allocated to each. This should grant an advantage in damage done, yet at the cost of health points. Thus, it is important to have teammates who can provide a frontline defense for this cannon-like Archer, who will likely be targeted for swift elimination. This type of point allocation is best for particular tasks and PvP situations where the backline can be supported. Agility is especially critical when it comes to PvP, as it provides the Archer with the opportunity to take the initiative.

Final Thoughts

The Archer class in the game Cross Gate: New World is recognized for its swift and powerful attacks. However, it is also known to be the most fragile class, so players must be very aware of their surroundings and use strategic positioning in order to survive. Those who are looking for help in honing their skills can take advantage of the Redfinger Android emulator platform, which provides many resources to aid in their development.

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