Angiotensinogen (AGT) serves as a specific substrate for renin and acts as the precursor for all angiotensin peptides. In the Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS), AGT undergoes a series of enzymatic cleavages to generate various active angiotensins, which bind to angiotensin receptors, contributing to blood pressure regulation and other biological effects. Research also suggests that AGT might directly participate in blood pressure regulation. Perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT), a layer of fat surrounding blood vessels, plays a critical role in maintaining vascular tone. AGT is highly expressed in PVAT, and inhibiting AGT expression in PVAT has been shown to lower blood pressure.

GemPharmatech used gene editing technology to create the humanized mouse model of AGT, which can expressed human AGT coding region and 3’UTR region. This model is capable of expressing human AGT and can be employed for research into hypertension-related mechanisms and screening of antihypertensive drugs targeting AGT.

Supporting Data

  • Validation of human AGT expression in B6-hAGT mice

Human AGT mRNA and protein were successfully expressed in B6-hAGT

+/- mice

  • hAGT-siRNA test based on B6-hAGT mice

hAGT-siRNA reduced hAGT protein in B6-hAGT+/ –mice (n=8)


GemPharmatech is also working on the development of mice that simultaneously express human AGT and human REN. Theoretically, these AGT/REN humanized mice can spontaneously develop hypertension, fulfilling the research requirements for evaluating antihypertensive drug efficacy.


Additionally, with our proprietary mouse models and experienced scientific team, GemPharmatech offers one-stop solution for metabolic disease research, including phenotyping and drug efficacy evaluation services, using metabolic, behavioral, and

hematological analyses.

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